In the following list, an asterisk (*) indicates those who obtained their PhD at UNIL, ENS or EPFL.

The others held post-doctoral positions.

Working in pharmaceutical industry:

  • E. Chiarparin* (Astex Therapeutics, Cambridge)
  • S. Rüdisser (Novartis, Basel)
  • L. Poggi (Bracco, Turin)
  • H. Grahn (Sapheneia, Linköping, Sweden)

Develop software for chemical databases or molecular modelling

  • C. Zwahlen* (Current Contents, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • Chen Peng (Accelrys, San Diego.)

Working in Industry

  • S. Vincent* has a challenging position in food industry (Nestlé, Kuala Lumpur)
  • G. Jaccard* is working in the tabacco industry (Philip Morris, Neuchâtel)
  • J.-M. Böhlen* in a chemical start-up company (Lausanne.)
  • K. Gopalakrishnan (Agilent, Pune, India) and R. Paquin* (Siemens, Montreal, Canada) work for major instrument manufacturers.
  • J. Huth* has become an investment banker (Zug.)

Holding permanent positions in academia (as professors, lecturers or maîtres de conferences)

In chronological order

  • S. Wimperis* (Glasgow)
  • L. di Bari (Pisa)
  • L. Emsley* (ENS-Lyon and EPFL)
  • H. Oschkinat (Berlin)
  • R. Konrat (Vienna, Austria)
  • T. Meersmann* (Nottingham)
  • Narayanan Kurur (New Delhi)
  • P. Mutzenhardt (Nancy)
  • Rukmani (Bangalore)
  • R. Esposito (Udine)
  • A. Jerschow (New York)
  • H. Geen (Nottingham)
  • I. Felli (Florence)
  • M. Deschamps* (Orléans)
  • K. Loth* (Orléans)
  • D. Jeannerat* (Geneva)
  • J. Tolman (Baltimore)
  • T. Eykyn* (London)
  • J. Dittmer (Le Mans)
  • R. Ghose (New York)
  • J. Wist* (Cali, Columbia)
  • G. Salgado (Bordeaux)
  • I. Burghardt* (Frankfurt)
  • D. Frueh* (Baltimore)
  • C. Dalvit (Neuchatel)
  • F. Kateb* (Paris)
  • L. Duma (Compiègne)
  • F. Ferrage* (ENS Paris)
  • P. Pelupessy* (ENS Paris)

Expecting to obtain tenured positions in the coming years

  • L. Vugmeyster (Anchorage)
  • B. Baishya (Lucknow)
  • S. Chinthalapalli (Bangalore)

Found stable positions in governmental or private research institutions

  • M. Novic (Ljubljana)
  • Riqiang Fu (Tallahassee)
  • B. Boulat (Los Angeles)
  • H. Desvaux (CEA Saclay)
  • V. Ermakov (Kazan)
  • J. Sachleben (Columbus, Ohio)
  • N. Murali (Rutgers)
  • S. Ravindranathan (Pune, India)
  • J.-H. Chen (New York)
  • M. Verde* (EPFL)
  • V. Vitzthum* (Soleure)
  • P. Miéville* (EPFL)
  • B. Vitorge (Institut Pasteur, Paris.)

Teaching in secondary schools

  • P. Pfändler* (St Gallen)
  • G. Nodet* (Grenoble.)

Post-doctoral positions

  • C. Perazzolo* (Geneva)
  • M. Weingarth* (Utrecht)
  • R. Sarkar* (Munich)
  • P. Ahuja* (Lille)
  • S. Cavadini* (Basel)
  • R. Augustyniak* (Toronto)
  • S. Ulzega (Zurich)
  • José-Enrique Herbert-Pucheta* (Orsay)
  • N. Salvi* (Grenoble).


  • S. Smith (Santa Barbara) has taken an early retirement
  • we are no longer in contact with P. Huber and M. Schwager.
  • Finally, B. Cutting* (Basel) and A.J. Perez-Linde (Cordoba) are currently looking for new job opportunities.

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