Job Propositions

We propose several jobs at the graduate and post-graduate level. Contacts us !
Applications for a Post. Doc. position under the supervition of Kong Ooi Tan are currently accepted. Contact

Internship Propositions

We recrute motivated Master 2 students!

Contact our Senior Staff
Name E-mail address Through mail client !
Geoffrey Bodenhausen write now
Olivier Lequin write now
Guillaume Bouvignies write now
Daniel Abergel write now
Jean-Jacques Lacapère write now
Fabien Ferrage write now
Nicolas Birlirakis write now
Lucie Khemtemourian write now
Philippe Pelupessy write now
Ludovic Carlier write now
Emeric Miclet write now
Mathieu Baudin write now
Kon Ooi Tan write now

Picture of the group

people at the SDB lab
Contact our Post-Docs and PhD Students
Name E-mail address
Diego Carnevale
Sina Marhabaie
Milan Zachrdla
Ziqing Wang
David Guarin
Behdad Aghelnejad
Nicolas Bolik Coulon

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