Internal mobility in proteins

Chemical Exchange Contribution

Identification of chemical exchange contributions to the relaxation of 1H/15N multiple-quantum coherences of NHN pairs in ubiquitin. Cross-relaxation rates μMQ were determined at 280 K (blue circles), 295 K (red squares), and 303K (green triangles).

Dispersion profiles

Dispersion profiles for the NHN pairs of Thr9, Ile23, and Thr55; the point at ω1/(2π) = 0 Hz was obtained with simple echo experiments; all other data were obtained with heteronuclear double resonance (HDR) with two on-resonance rf fields.


Dispersion profiles were fitted to the expression derived for fast two-site exchange under HDR-WALTZ-32 irradiation.


Related Publication
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• Timescales of Slow Motions in Ubiquitin Explored by Heteronuclear Double Resonance.N. Salvi, S. Ulzega, F. Ferrage, and G. Bodenhausen, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 134, 2481-2484 (2012) + supplement.

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