Kinetics of complexation of metal ions by (DNP)


Experimental NMR signal integrals of free yttrium ions Y (black circles) and complexed YD where D ) DOTAM (gray stars) in D2O with 0.5% d8-glycerol, 54 mM hyperpolarized 89Y3+, 100 mM DOTAM, and 0.4 mM TEMPO. The spectra were obtained at 60 s intervals with 15° radio frequency (rf) pulses at 14.76 MHz (7.05 T). (a) Decay of Mz-magnetization of YCl3 dissolved in D2O fitted with T1 ) 1277 ( 51 s (black curve). (b) Complexation of free yttrium by DOTAM. The simula- tions were calculated for [Y]0 ) 54 mM, [D]0 ) 100 mM, [YD]0 ) 0, T1Y ) 1277 s, T1YD ) 300 s and k ) 0.095 s-1·M-1


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  • Kinetics of Yttrium-Ligand Complexation Monitored Using Hyperpolarized 89Y as a Model for Gadolinium in Contrast Agents. P. Miéville, S. Jannin, L. Helm, and G. Bodenhausen, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 132, 5006-5007 (2010) + Supplement.
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